"Обичай идеята в себе си, не себе си в идеята (партията)!" - перефраза на Станиславски. професор Чавдар Кръстев


(26.Януари.2015 / публикувано в: Новини)

solidarity message of the Bulgarian Left to SYRIZA

Dear Comrades, dear Alexis,

We greet you for the remarkable result of the parliament elections on 25 January 2015. This result showed all of us that the victory against the neoliberal politics of strict economies is actually possible.

You, comrades and friends showed us that another Europe is possible, Europe of the working people, Europe of social equality, Europe of solidarity.

The Greek people gave a clear mandate to SYRIZA.

Today you won hope for all of us!

People in Europe need to understand that Greece paid more and more of the global banking oligarchy and the debt becomes bigger and bigger.

This is called debt slavery!

The Greek people clearly said that the program of the Troika is a complete failure! This program is a conspiracy!

Greece is only one link in the neoliberal chain chained Europe.

If you break it up, then the liberation of the people across Europe will start!

The struggle of "SYRIZA" against the strict regime of savings, for a fair tax system, for democracy, to increase the public sector, social, ecological and democratic Europe is also OUR struggle.

Our hope today is called SYRIZA!

Our hope today is called Greece!

We, the comrades from the party "Bulgarian Left" today look with hope to Greece and think of a better future for the people of Europe.

To move forward together towards our common victory!


Margarita Mileva

Chairperson of the Bulgarian Left

Vice-President of the European Left